Hollyfield Counter Stool


  • 29" Total Height Bar Stool

    At 20.5" long, 19.5" wide and 28.5" tall, the Hollyfield is a stylish seating option that pairs well with most standard-sized kitchen counters. 

  • Cream Fabric Wrap

    In addition to sturdy construction, the Hollyfield also flaunts a superior, gold polish on the metal frame that is complemented by the posh, cream fabric seating up top. 

  • Sturdy Solid Metal Frame

    Featuring a frame and base crafted from solid metal, the Hollyfield is a sturdy, low back style counter stool with exceptional stability and balance. 

  • Footrest

    The frame on the Hollyfield features a metal flat-bracing that also serves as a footrest and ensures a comfortable seating experience. 

  • Modern Design

    Prudently designed to suit contemporary spaces, the Hollyfield flaunts a low-back, perfectly cushioned seat which complements its metal frame.